Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I would apologise....

but I really don't feel like it. I know it has been an age since I posted and don't think I haven't had notions of doing so. I really, truly have, however the notion never cemented into the reality and thus no posts. I guess I am a little bit sorry, but I am sure your lives are all travelling along just fine regardless.

I have finished some things since last we spoke...

Knit it down in Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran. I love this yarn and the result is a nice cozy, warm casual jumper. Just right for weekends with jeans.

And I finally succumbed to common sense and made a Central Park Hoodie using BWM rustic 12ply (just like Sam) in the Earth colourway. After procrastinating several weeks regarding the seaming (you know how much I love seaming), I love the final result. If it has any faults it might be a tad too warm at times!

And during the procrastination I made a new striped scarf to replace the one taken from the pub in which I left it and an aran weight shawl for the pink swap. I am finally free of the Jo Sharp Desert Aran that I hated so much! The scarf is made in balls of dodgy Spotlight yarn seeing as I just couldn't justify another Noro scarf. The result is nowhere near as nice as the original but it is a fair substitute.

The other news is that I am working on a new design. Teasers and details to come but I can tell you that it is a cabled coat/cardi/cropped cardi for boys or girls in 8ply.


Tania said...

You update your blog more than I do, nice to see you have been busy knitting. Look forward to new pattern... not that I get much knitting time these days.

Alrischa said...

I'm doing the same thing with the same dodgy yarn, but the color changes are not quite as much fun, are they, and it has that icky 'soy' feel. Nice and soft, though. Might finish it one day... hehe.

Love the CPH. Too warm, hey? In this town? Unbelievable :)