Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday's are for being lazy

At least that is what I am telling myself. Long time no blog huh? The horror of larger projects is that there isn't much to blog. I haven't even had anything non-craft related to blog about. Life has been blissfully boring (well sort of).

I have finished something though in the last two weeks. Duncan wanted a Geelong hoodie, and given that he loves his handknits so much, I agreed that this should be done.

Rather than strict Geelong hoopss I opted for a more abstracted Geelong approach (read, I did it in navy and white). Duncan decided that he didn't want sleeves so I have just finished off the arm holes with a few rows of garter. To be honest I could have kissed the boy when he said he didn't want sleeves, I was getting pretty sick of the whole kit and caboodle.

This is knit in Bendigo luxury 8ply. I still can't rave enough about this yarn. The hoodie that I made Rohan is wearing really well. As I suspected it needed a shave (and may need another) but it is blissfully soft underneath the fuzz and kid's handknits should only be machine washable if you ask me.

I now have some Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran on the needles that I am trying to turn into a vest. Hopefully it won't be another 2 weeks before that is done.


Bec said...

We're having a fabulously lazy Sunday here too!
The hoody looks great and I totally agree - all kids clothes MUST be able to be machine washed!

Sam said...

that number 2 son of yours looks so cute with his newly lost toothless smile! Yes it's been a slow and boring couple of weeks here too..

Alrischa said...

Very nice hoodie, and nice of him to pose for you. That Luxury is great, isn't it? I must get some more 10ply....

Sarah / Bee House Hives said...

Hi there!
I am just writing to thank you for your post and pattern way back.. The Seamless Baby Kimono. I have been searching and searching this morning and YAY! This is just what I was looking for. Now I can get started. Thank you thank you.
Sarah -writing from Montana

Sarah / Bee House Hives said...

.. all of your patterns are wonderful! So glad I bumped into you. Thank you again for sharing your work! My list of things to knit is growing longer as I read.