Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Pattern: #308 Lola Bunny by Beth Skwareck
Yarn: Cleckheaton Nature - Merino 8ply in Brown
Mods: The legs are 10 rounds shorter (an efficiency issue, I had a day to finish this little bunny) and the ears are shorter so they stand up. Otherwise done by the book.
Comments: A clever little knit, loved the butt! Stupidly I remembered yesterday morning that I made my nephew, Angus, a bunny for his first Easter and then decided that I really should make my niece, Mabel, one as it is her first Easter. After finiding a seamless, knit in the round pattern I was off about 11am. Stopping for meals and essential family functions, she was finished about midnight. Must stop doing this to myself. Pushing finger is now numb.

Hope your butt is this tidy after all those eggs! Happy Easter


Sam said...

ha! you finished - well done!

Amanda said...

God work - very cute!

Alrischa said...

Looks like the Easter Bunny is laying some chocolate eggs. Wonder how he gets the foil on?