Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wee Little Things

Some time Friday night I decided that I wanted to make something for my niece Mabel's baptism today. This was a fairly stupid idea given we had guests, I knew that I had a date with Beth Saturday arvo and tickets to the movies for last night (Gran Torino, great film, go see). The project then had, by necessity to be small. I have always loved Saartje's Bootees by Saartje de Bruijnand decided they were small enough and managable enough for the time available.

I started a pair in the yarn that I used for my Tyro socks using the stated needle size and the largest sizing and found that the resulting bootie was adorable but tiny. I also felt that whilst cool and funky, the colourway may not actually be to my sister-in-laws taste. I cast that bootie aside (vowing to make it a twin at a later date) and started a second pair yesterday morning.

This pair are made in Artyarns Ultramerino 4 (colour 127) on 3mm needles. I have also sized them up a little, casting on 43 sts and adjusting accordingly. They now seem about the ideal size for an abundant 4 month old. I also stole a great idea from Susan and made longer straps to be used as ties rather than buttons (which, whilst adorable, strike me as a little too much fuss when working with an infant).


Katidids said...

To Cute! The colors are perfect for a summer wardrobe. I'm sure she will love them!

Nikki said...

Freaking gorgeous! I love the tie look too.

Ooo inspired!

Jodie said...

I love the little ties - totally cute

Kylie said...

They look great - love the tie's as well - what a fab idea. I have knitted these a few times and yse they are tiny arent they - I now do with with 8ply and on 3.45mm and get about a 3-6month size.