Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I think I found something!

I bought this yarn what seems like an eon ago, but it was probably only sometime last year. It was love at first sight! The pinks, the purples, the black to set them off. What wasn't to love? It came from Baby Long Legs on Etsy (although rustling up an URL for you all I notice she has moved). The colourway is called Gothika and it is even more beautiful than the picture might indicate.

I had kept this skein as trophy yarn. Just way too good to actually knit! Why do we do that? It is as inexplicable as never using the good china and not wearing your good shoes. What is the point of keeping these things? Well I bit the bullet and started knitting. Let me tell you. Just as bangers and mash are far more special on the good china, this yarn was going to make any pattern look great.

I needed something with some interest that wasn't going to override the gorgeousness of the yarn. Tyro provided the solution. I have done one sock and as I read the pattern, the other sock spirals around the other way. No danger of Second Sock Syndrome here. I can hardly wait to get it started.

Oh and I finished these:

Plain vanilla with a forethought heel - an interesting process that I am glad I have tried. The yarn is from Happy Spider. Not the softest of base yarns but the striping is excellent.'

And work continues on my Hope jumper and my Granny Square blanket but I can hear another shawl calling....


Katidids said...

I love babylonglegs, she has such wonderful colorways! Those socks (both pr) turned out fantastic!

Amanda said...

Great socks. And those pinks and purples! Very nice.

Alrischa said...

I love those licorice allsorts ones. hehe! You make longer legs on your socks than I have the patience for.