Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pooling is a funny thing.

I have currently been making some hats for the World Vision Guardian Angels program as part of the Woolaholics team. This is my first go at charity knitting. My Mum is the charity knitter in the family and has about 15 jumpers, 20 hats and a pile of toys and scarves ready to be sent off. Sure makes my few paltry hats look scungy!

Aside from a few hats made from bits and bobs of Lamb's Pride and Country Silk, I have made three hats from MIYO hand-dyed 12 ply in the blue, green and brown colourway. This is what I have done so far:

Cute huh? As you can see there are three different sizes there - a 72 stitch, 64 stitch and 56 stitch cast on. Now check out this shot:

Can you believe the difference in the pooling? Check out the 64 stitch cast on! now I will tell the truth. If it was for me I would have yanked it out and redone it with a different number of stitches but given that it will still keep someone's head roasty-toasty warm it has been saved from the frog pool. I really do love the striped effect on the other two though.

I swear, there is a mathematics doctoral thesis in colour pooling!

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Kebeni said...

the stripey ones look cool but I like the other one better. I think it looks really neat all wavey