Thursday, June 5, 2008

A beautiful, unexpected gift.

I am sure that I have mentioned my love of the handknit sock before and whilst I knit a few pairs, I do them as on-the-run projects so I am lucky to churn out a pair every few months. Now Sam, she is the queen of socks. I swear she knits a pair a day (okay a slight exageration) but several pairs a month at least. These beautiful Mingus were knit by Sam.

They were too small for her and given that I have wee little pixie feet she gave them to me! I have coveted these socks since she first cast them on and I was so excited to get them. What a lovely and totally unexpected gift. :)


Kebeni said...

they are lovely. I should knit some more socks, I have only done the one pair for my dad and I haven't worn hand knitted oens. Maybe that can be my next project

Sam said...

teehee.. you sure do have wee little pixie feet! These were even smallish on Amber. At least I know, that unlike Amber, you won't grow out of them in 2 weeks time ;)