Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I admit that I have avoided it....

Rach has tagged me to share 7 things about myself, after being put on the spot herself ;).

Firstly ..Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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1. I was once the manager of a Timezone Centre (you know, video games and stuff). It was a sucky job but at least I was the boss and they paid me (all be it a pittance). I also got pretty good at pinball. And I did win a video game comp at a nightclub in Bendigo. I might have forgotten to tell the organisers what I did for a living....

2. I once dressed up as a dead prostitute for a party. It was slightly less classy than the party I went to as a condom and possibly a step up from the AIDS infected prostitute I dressed up as for the same party the year before (do you see the pattern).

3. My favourite subjects at Uni (apart from Psychology which is a bit obvious) were History and Philosophy of Science and Linguistics. Deep down I think I am a scientist harbouring an arts student.

4. I am not a huge fan of the water. A near drowning as a child kind of sealed that for me.

5. I own my own phrenology head. Doesn't everyone?

6. My "my God I am 30" crisis took the form of ballet and singing lessons. The singing I have since dropped but the ballet (and now jazz) I still do. I was clearly the only little girl who didn't do classical ballet. I only did the tap and jazz thing.

7. I had a post-partum hemorrhage after the birth of my second child. Not funny in itself but I was doing Kindergym with my eldest at the time so I was at the YMCA. I still go to that YMCA, I still use the bathroom there and I still refer to that cubicle as "the scene of the carnage". Several hours after I got to hospital I hit a flat panic and insisted that the nurse call the Y to make sure that someone had cleaned up. It just didn't occur to me to say anything as I rushed from the building.

Well that's all I got people (or at least all I am sharing). I am now taking a leaf out of Sam's book and leaving the tagging well alone!

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