Thursday, September 27, 2007

When you know you take your football too seriously.

What is Jason doing tonight you might ask?

Why he is making banners for the boys to run through for the grand final on Saturday.

A Geelong for Duncan and a seperate Geelong one for Rohan. Bevan has agreed to be the token Port Power player and run through the Port banner although rest assured that he will be in full Cats colours.

As you can see these are no two-bob banners. They are the real deal made with sturdy wood and crepe paper. The boys will decorate them tomorrow.

Despite the making of a Port banner and the fact that I don't really follow anyone, let me say....


No really I mean it, the boys and Jason are all supporters and I really want the Cats to win for them.....


Sam said...

GO CATS!!!! i hope Port get thumped!!

Tracy said...

Go Port :P Lol