Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Wool Show buys and a WIP....

Sam and I went to the The Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show yesterday. What fun! I could have walked and petted wool all day. As well as the occasional sheep and alpaca. There was so much gorgeous yarn to buy but unfortunately much of it was in 100 and 200g lots and I am TRYING to not buy trophy yarn. I mean how many scarves and hats does a girl need?

I did pick up this book though...

I saw it very early in the day and then obsessed about it from then on. It is such a clever idea. There are patterns for a multitude of body designs and then sleeve designs and necklines. You choose the combination of each that you want and voila! A sweater. I also purchased some lovely 12 ply rainbow hand-dyed wool that I couldn't refuse at $25 for 300g. At worst it will become some longies for the baby (hopefully nappy-less longies). I also picked up some lovely sock yarn. Check out the inside of the sweater book too.

I have been a busy little knitter too. I started this on Wednesday.

I had originally decided to do Soleil from Knitty but in a 10ply (Jet) so as to wear it as a vest. A little maths told me that the smallest size knit in the heavier yarn would fit just fine. I started with a long tail cast-on for the first time but found that the lace pattern of Soleil just wasn't as pretty in 10ply. I changed to a different pattern and I am very happy with the result. The whole thing is a bit of a mis-match of several patterns and guess work. If it all works well I will endeavour to publish the pattern for others if anyone is interested. My main problem has been putting it down as it seems to be going so well and I want to finish it.

You might also be able to see that I did some renovations on my knitting bag as well the other weekend. I have made a few lately and thought what a pity it was that they had newer design additions than mine that I really liked - namely the snap closure and longer, interfaced straps. Eventually I decided to bite the bullet, unpick it and add the bits I wanted. I considered doing the newer style front pocket as well but felt like that might be too much bother!

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Sam said...

wow you are powering along with that vest! I'd love to see you wearing it on Tuesday night? Are you up to the challenge? ;)