Monday, June 2, 2008

Handspun Lace Scarf

I found this lovely handspun at the craft market that is run at the kid's primary school each month. It was so cozy that I felt a scarf coming on. I wanted one a little lacy so as not to be too bulky and came up with this!

If you are interested....

Get some bulky handspun (or spin your own if so inclined). For the record I used about 220m and got a scarf about 140cm long.

Find some 6mm needles.

Cast on 27 stitches.

Knit one row.

Then do this for a while (either the end or until you have had enough) :

Row 1: k1, *k1, sl1, k1, psso, yf, k1, yf, k2tog* repeat to the last two stitches, k2

Row 2: k1, p1, *p2, k1, p3* repeat to last stitch, k1

Knit one more row.

Bind off

This pattern is provided free for your own personal use. You may knit it for yourself, as a gift, a swap or for charity. This pattern is not intended for commercial use. Any intended commercial use requires permission in writing.


DonnaC said...

Great pattern! How many yards of handspun did you use? I have about 140 yards I've been saving.

Jack said...

To be honest I have no idea. It was 190g of bulky handspun. No clue as to the yardage I am afraid.

Best as I can calculate it was about 220m.

Jack said...

Whoops, make that 185g!

Deb said...

Your patterns are great! Thanks for sharing Handspun Lace Scarf & Trav's Balaclava. There are so nice!