Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Twirly Whirly Hat

My Mother-in-law is a mad Melbourne Demons supporter (is there any other kind). I found some red Cleckheaton Merino Supreme on Ebay some time ago and immediately thought of it with the blue I already had as a Melbourne hat for Pam. I thought about regular old stripes and other footy sorts of things but decided that I really wanted something a little bit different.

I decided on the Twirly Whirly Hat!

Sizes: Child/Small (Ladies, Mens) - Pictured size is the ladies size


60 (70, 80) metres of Worsted weight in Colour 1 (C1)

50 (60, 70) metres of Worsted weight in Colour 2 (C2)

5.5 mm 40cm circular

5.5 mm DPN’s

Darning Needle

The Pattern:

CO 84 (96, 108) stitches using the circular needle.

Work 8 rounds of k2, p2 rib in C1

Using C1, k2tog, k5.

Join in C2, k6

[k6 in C1, k6 in C2] repeat until work measures approximately 10 (15, 20) cms ensuring that the round you finishes on brings the marker back between the final stitch of a C2 stripe and the first stitch of a C1 stripe. You can choose to strand the colours (as I have done and yarn amounts allow for this) or you could work from bobbins if you wished although it would drive me nuts. Actually scrap all that. Trust me and strand.

Decrease Rounds (at some point you will need to switch to DPNs)

Round 1: [k10 (6 stitches C1, 4 stitches C2), k2 tog with C2] repeat 6 (7,8) times, knit 6 with C1, k5 C2

Round 2: [k4, k2 tog with C1, k5 with C2] repeat for entire round.

Round 3: [k8 (5 stitches C1, 3 stitches C2), k2 tog with C2] repeat for entire round

Round 4: [k3, k2 tog with C1, k4 with C2] repeat for entire round.

Round 5: [k6 (4 stitches C1, 2 stitches C2), k2 tog with C2] repeat for entire round

Round 6: [k2, k2 tog with C1, k3 with C2] repeat for entire round.

Round 7: [k4 (3 stitches C1, 1 stitch C2), k2 tog with C2] repeat for entire round

Round 8: [k1, k2 tog with C1, k2 with C2] repeat for entire round.

Round 9: [k2 stitches C1, k2 tog with C2] repeat for entire round

Round 10: [k2 tog with C1, k1 with C2] repeat for entire round.

Round 11: k2tog all around with C1

Cut both yarns and thread both through all remaining stitches. Secure ends. Weave in loose ends and block.

You can also do this with your Twirly Whirly if you like. Pam decided she wanted a little more length on the hat to be able to pull it down over her ears. This photo shows it with 10cm of ribbing. This will take about 140 yards of red and 70 of blue.

This pattern is provided free for your own personal use. You may knit it for yourself, as a gift, a swap or for charity. This pattern is not intended for commercial use. Any intended commercial use requires permission in writing.


Tracy said...

Hi! My first visit here! That is a great hat--it looks like it's spinning! I've been enjoying browsing your blog. I found it via a free patterns siter--love the Seamless Baby Kimono and thinking of making this for my sister's first child who arrives this autumm. Happy Knitting and Stiching :o)

Tracy Batchelder said...

I love how the spiral continues through the decreases. Thanks for the pattern!

Unknown said...


garn og pinner og ... said...

Nice hat!I've bookmarked it for use later....

Anonymous said...

Love the decrease, I would be bending over all day if I wore this hat to show off that top decreasing!
Excellent work, will book mark this one for later plans.

Anonymous said...

this is an awesome pattern, especially how u kept the swirls while decreasing; excellent work

Miranda said...

This is a great pattern! Thank you!

Emilie Lee said...

I've used this wonderful pattern a few times now but never thought of leaving a comment. Here are a couple of links to my blog with projects in which I used this pattern. I love it! Thank you so much,

Caz said...

HI I searched for an easy pattern to make myself a hat without the traditional plain colour or stripes. So pleased with outcome as I didnt have circular needles but used 4/5 double ended ones & it looks exactly like the pics. Thankyou for sharing. Caz