Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Quick Loop Scarf

Just a quicky that I whipped up for a friend for Christmas.


2 lots of 50g DK (8ply) yarn. I used a solid black and a gradient dyed grey. You could as easily use two balls of the same yarn or some super bulky (16ply).
8mm circular
Darning needle
Waste yarn or second circular for provisional cast on.


Not really important (it's a scarf for goodness sake)


Using a provisional cast-on CO 22 stitches with the yarn double stranded (both balls at once).

Row 1: *K2, P2* repeat from * to * to end
Row 2: *P2, K2* repeat from * to * to end

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until the work is approximately 16 cm long (it should be about 3/4 of the width of your scarf when folded)

At this point, following the row 1, knit or purl together corresponding stitches from the provisional cast on and stitches from your working end to create the looped end of the scarf.

Continue working the pattern until the scarf reaches the desired length (about 60cm from the join in my case) and bind off.

Add a fringe if desired and sew in ends.

Done! This should only take you a few hours as the yarn is chunky and the pattern is basic!

This pattern is provided free for your own personal use. You may knit it for yourself, as a gift, a swap or for charity. This pattern is not intended for commercial use. Any intended commercial use requires permission in writing

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