Friday, November 9, 2007

Bulky Seamless Baby Kimono

I think this may have become obsessive. I cast this one on pretty much as soon as I finished the 8ply version. This one is knit in 12 ply bulky with a different sleeve profile inspired by the traditional shape of a Japanese kimono.

The Pattern

approximately 6 - 9 months (size 00)

150g (approximately 170 m) 12 ply (bulky) yarn

4 stitch markers

6mm 80cm circular

6mm DPNs

Waste yarn

Stitch holder

Darning needle

A button

Gauge: 16sts / 10cm


pm – place marker

kfb – knit front and back

slm – slip marker

yo – yarn over

m1 – make one stitch


CO 28 stitches using the circular needle.

Row 1: kfb, pm, kfb, k3, kfb, pm, kfb, k14, kfb, pm, kfb, k3, kfb, pm, kfb

You have now created the right front, right sleeve, back, left sleeve and left front between the markers.

Row 2: purl across

Row 3: k1, yo, kfb, slm, kfb, k5, kfb, slm, kfb, k16, kfb, slm, kfb, k5, kfb, slm, kfb, yo, k1

Row 4: purl across

Row 5: k1, yo, knit to stitch before next marker, kfb, slm , kfb, knit to stitch before next marker, kfb, slm, , kfb, knit to stitch before next marker, kfb, slm, , kfb, knit to stitch before next marker, kfb, slm, kfb, knit to last stitch, yo, k1.

Row 6: purl across.

Continue repeating rows 5 and 6 until there are 40 stitches between the2nd and 3rd markers (across the back)

Create the sleeves: k1, yo, k to first marker, place the sleeve stitches onto waste yarn, pm, knit back stitches, place the other sleeve stitches onto waste yarn, pm, knit to last stitch, yo, k1

Next row: purl across

The lower body:

Row 1: k1, yo, knit to second last stitch, yo, k1

Row 2: purl across

Continue repeating rows 1 and 2 until there are 35 stitches on both front panels (the sections outside of the markers).

Next row: knit across

Make side tie:

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Knit to first marker, slm, kfb, slip first stitch on right needle back to the left, place the next stitch on the right needle on a stitch holder placing the holder to the right side of the work, slip the first stitch back onto the right needle, knit to end

Row 3: Knit to stitch before second marker, kfb, slip first stitch on right needle back to the left, place the next stitch on the right needle on a stitch holder placing the holder to the right side of the work, slip the first stitch back onto the right needle, slm, knit to end

Row 4: Knit

BO loosely


Evenly space the sleeve stitches on 3 DPNs.

With the right side facing, locate the centre bottom of the sleeve opening. Pick up one stitch from the left of the opening and continue knitting the round, picking up one additional stitch onto needle 3 (31 stitches total)

Knit 12 rounds

Increase Round: k1, m1, knit to last stitch, m1, k1

Increase every 3rd round a further 3 times (39 sts)

Alternate purl one round, knit the next for next 4 rounds.

BO loosely


Side tie: Join yarn to the two stitches on the stitch holder.
*Knit 20cm of garter stitch.

Last row: k2tog, thread yarn through remaining stitch.*

Front tie: pick up 2 stitches from the edge of the garter stitch section of the right front section. Repeat from * to *


Weave in ends. Sew the button on the inside of the right hand flap to use the bottom eyelet of the left flap as a button hole.

Want one in a lighter yarn? Click here for the 8ply version.

This pattern is provided free for your own personal use. You may knit it for yourself, as a gift, a swap or for charity. This pattern is not intended for commercial use. Any intended commercial use requires permission in writing.


Anonymous said...

That is adorable.. though I don't have children or know anyone expecting, I just might have to knit this up to stick in the gifts box just in case!!! Thank you for taking the time to write up the pattern!

shazzy said...

Have to ask what size baby were you knitting this and the 8ply one for. Id love to make them they are gorgeous, But i think id be looking at a 6th month old unless I do it in cotton for now.
Thanks great pattern, well written, cant wait

Jack said...

I must confess to having not done the schematic yet for the final size. It is much the same finished size as the 8ply version (picture right down the bottom). I am of the opinion that it is better to knit a baby garment a smidge on the large (6-9 month) size so that they get a little wear from it.

Lucky-1 said...

Such a pretty colour and I love the idea of no seams:D

Unknown said...

Hi there - this looks like a fab project to do! Can I ask a cheeky question? (Feel free to say get lost!) Could you tell me how to make it one or two sizes bigger? I love the pattern so much but my baby girl is 10 months old!

Jack said...

No problems Helen, it is really evry simple. Just continue with the increases until the back section is the width that you want it across the back (from underarm to underarm). Piece of cake really. I reckon I could use this technique to make it adult sized. ;) Make the sleeves longer too of course. I would extend the portion prior to the increases.

Unknown said...

Thanks! I think this will have to be my next project!

Alison said...

How would I go about making a newborn size, I want to make a tiny one to match some newborn longies I made. Thanks!

Jack said...

Allison just stop increasing before you get to 40 sts between the back markers (just guessing but maybe 30)and then increase the front panels to 25 or so stitches.. Make the sleeves a littl shorter of course.

Karen said...

Hi, this is beatiful but Im having a problem with row 3, I knitted row 1 normally but now I have:
2st, marker, 7st, marker, 18 st, marker, 7 st, marker, 2 st

So I cant do row 3 because I dont have enought sts to knit 6 before 2nd marker, am I right?

Row 3: k1, yo, kfb, slm, kfb, k6, kfb, slm, kfb, k20, kfb, slm, kfb, k6, kfb, slm, kfb, yo, k1

Thanks in advance,

Jack said...

You are completely right Karen, row 3 should read knit 5 not knit 6. I have changed it now for the rest of the world. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


Anonymous said...

Karen, thanks for pointing that out, and Jack, thanks for correcting it. I've finished the sweater (YAY!) but had to cast on something like 34 sts to get it to work as written. I'll be making this again with the corrected instructions. It's adorable! Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me what the gauge is for this pattern? Thanks!


Jack said...

As stated the guage is 16st/10cm.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the pattern. You can see my son wearing my completed version by following this link.

Anonymous said...

This really is an excellently-written pattern. Clear, intuitive and ingenious.

Many thanks!

Kelly said...

I just made this sweater and I love it. I used a size smaller needle and I think it will be perfect, it will be donated to a local hospital.
Thanks for the pattern!

Melissa said...

Thanks so much for making this pattern available. They are absolutely adorable and working up so fast, which is great because I'm racing to finish two for a pair of twins!

børnetøj said...
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firefaery said...

Ok I'm very confused. Is the first part of this sweater knit in the round? Ihave mine in the round but am not thinking that's correct... but it said to do it on the ciruclars so I assumed.

Jack said...

This is knit on circulars to give some flexibility to the growing garment but it is not knit in the round.

firefaery said...

Thank you for the response!
Darn it, guess it gets frogged. Good thing I only had about 5 rows done lol
Should have figured it out, since it's a wrap-around kimono, but.... such is the way it goes! :)

firefaery said...

Still kind of confused.. If I cast onto the circulars, do what do I use to "knit with", because 28st is way to few to knit on circulars with, in my experience.. I'm a newbie to this, though I knit longies lol

Jack said...

knitting back and forth using the ends of the circular as you would straights.

firefaery said...

Ok ONE more question, I swear!
at this section:
The lower body:

Row 1: k1, yo, knit to second last stitch, yo, k1

When you knit to the second last stitch, then yo and k1, you end up with a leftover stitch. Do I just keep it on and then turn and purl?

Jack said...

You knit the second last stitch and then do the YO and knit the last stitch.

Anonymous said...

hi this is a great kimono. I would like to make several but I had a few questions.

1) instead of putting the sleeve portions on waste yarn can I put them on a stitch holder

2) when it continues as knit across the lower half is that the front panels and the back disregarding the sleeves?

I'm actually a beginner knitter. I have never made baby clothes before just hats, mittens, and very simple things like that. I would love to give these as christmas gifts this year as 4 of my friends have had children and my sister is pregnant.


Huevos said...

Anyone responding to questions anymore on this pattern?

Jack said...


Huevos said...

Awesome! After I place the sleeves on the waste yarn I stop knitting and pearling those in the row right? Even though it says Pearl across? And do I have to keep cutting the yarn to do the front panels?

Jack said...

You ignore the stitches on the waste yarn and purl straight across all the other stitches making one long "body" section and leaving two circular sleeve holes on waste yarn. Clearer?

Huevos said...

Thank you! I went to the local yarn store. I used some small circular needles instead of waste yarn to hold the sleeves and I think that made it more confusing! But I am back on track. Hopefully I will be all set. Thanks again for your time. (BTW, I love Australia.) I have been to Melbourne and south of there in Clifton Springs, etc.

Huevos said...

Sorry! One last question. Regarding the ties. Are those knit i-cord fashion?

Jack said...

Your choice, either garter or i-cord.

Janie said...

I've been reading the comments on this great pattern. I am a pretty fair knitter, but got stuck on sleeves on waste yarn. Are the sleeves the first set to markers, or all the way to beginning of the back middle? I can't believe I can't figure this out. HELP.